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Natural Stone Cladding

Airtec Stone; a Market Leading Natural Stone Cladding System

If your project needs the textured and 3D appearance of natural stone, then look no further than our Natural Stone Rainscreen Cladding system – Airtec Stone.

Our Airtec Stone system is purpose built for interior and exterior applications. Each piece of the cladding system is machine cut, and its precision modular construction ensures quick and easy installation with minimal wastage.

It can also be used in conjunction with our Glass Cladding system - Airtec Glass.

Introduction to Airtec Stone

Lithodecor Airtec Stone is unlike any other ventilated rainscreen cladding system as it removes technical and structural constraints for designers.

The composite panel consists of an 8-10mm thick top layer produced from almost any natural stone on a lightweight concrete carrier up to 19mm thick.

This system is up to 66% lighter than solid natural stone panels.

A special manufacturing process provides architects with a choice of almost any natural stone suitable as a façade cladding. The combination of stone options plus a wide range of textures and finishes, ensures that a highly attractive solution is available to meet almost any architectural requirement. Large bespoke components, for example panels of storey height or shaped parts, such as reveals and corner interfaces, can easily be supplied.

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Who Uses Natural Stone Cladding?

Airtec stone is one of the first choices for architects looking for a natural stone cladding system for public sector, leisure and retail projects.

The solution has recently been used for a broad mix of projects worldwide.

Natural Stone Cladding Principles
Cladding Construction

Stone Cladding Make-Up GraphicThe production process for our natural stone cladding panels involves laminating thin slabs of stone onto a carrier panel. The carrier panels, made from a specially developed lightweight concrete, are used for fixing and load transfer.

Since the physical characteristics of the carrier and the laminated material are very similar, the layers are a perfect combination and protect the cladding against all types of weather.

Our Structural Cladding System

Stone Cladding Fitting IllustrationIn a ventilated cladding system the composite panels are fixed to a standard aluminium base frame with special aluminium clips.

The load is transferred from the panel to the clips via specially developed ceramic discs that are bonded onto the carrier panel with an approved adhesive. The number of fixing points is dependent on the size and weight of the façade panels or shaped parts.

Cladding Panel Size

Cladding ExampleThe general building inspectorate approval for Lithodecor natural stone cladding  covers panel sizes up to 3.8m high and individual panel areas up to 4.7m2.

These sizes are impossible to produce using classic natural-stone cladding systems on account of their weight and the size of the block stone prior to cutting.

The Weight of Natural Stone Cladding

Natural Stone Cladding IllustrationAirtec natural stone cladding represents a weight-saving of up to 66% compared with a conventional stone façade.

This is a major advantage, especially when refurbishing older properties where the supporting structure has limited load-bearing capacity. Existing façades can be replaced or over-clad without making costly structural changes. This aspect is hugely beneficial for buildings originally erected in the 50s, 60s and 70s, and for vertical expansion projects.

Natural Stone Cladding - Cladding System Image