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Glass Cladding

Airtec Glass; a market leading glass cladding system suitable for a broad range of projects.

If your project needs the clean-cut and robust look of glass cladding, then look no further than our glass rainscreen cladding system – Airtec Glass.

Airtec Glass is purpose built for interior and exterior applications. Its precision modular construction ensures quick and easy installation.

Our glass cladding is also compatible with Natural Stone Cladding systems (it works perfectly with our Airtec Stone solution) and it is available in a wide range of colours maximising the versatility of this solution.

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Lightweight Glass Cladding System with Outstanding Properties

The Airtec Glass cladding system combines the unique qualities of glass with the innovative technology of ventilated rainscreen cladding.

The extremely resistant composite cladding panels, which can be up to 32mm thick, consist of toughened safety glass bonded to a lightweight concrete carrier. A wide range of colours and different types of glass can be applied to this carrier panel.

The composite panels, up to 4.7m2 in size, are hooked onto the frame with an invisible clip design and with each element able to be adjusted both vertically and horizontally for perfect alignment.

In addition, sections of glass cladding and natural stone cladding can be combined in the same plane which is especially useful when installing the system on older properties with problematic substrates. This option to combine different finishes and materials is not available with classic cladding systems.

Whether transparent, tinted or enamelled, screen printed or plain - anything is possible with Airtec Glass cladding.

Principles of Airtec Glass Cladding

System Construction

Construction of Glass Cladding PanelsThe manufacture of Lithodecor Airtec Glass cladding involves slim glass panels laminated to a specially developed lightweight concrete carrier. The carrier panels are used for fixing and load transfer.

Structural System

Structural System DiagramIn a ventilated system the composite cladding panels are fixed to a standard aluminium base frame with special aluminium clips. The load is transferred from the panel to the clips via specially developed ceramic discs bonded into the base panel with an approved adhesive. The number of fixing points is dependent on the size and weight of the glass cladding panels or shaped parts.

Cladding Panel Size

Glass Cladding Panel SizeThe general building-inspectorate approval for the Lithodecor lightweight glass cladding covers panel sizes up to 3.80m high and individual panel areas of up to 4.7m2. Glass cladding panels can be manufactured with openings, drilled holes, notches etc.

Glass Cladding Design & Finishes

Glass Cladding Designs and FinishesThe Airtec Glass cladding system ensures even large glass panels can be attached with invisible fixings.

The almost unlimited choice of colour, printing and finish cater for almost any design preference.

Maximum Stability

Maximum Stability of Glass CladdingThe sandwich composition of these materials ensures maximum stability during transportation, installation and use. The residual load capacity achieved as a result of the composite structure, offers maximum protection against risks such as sections falling off the façade as a result of damage, e.g. external influence.


Glass Cladding ApprovalLithodecor glass cladding panels have passed all the necessary durability and fire protection tests and are approved for use in the UK and Germany plus many other countries. The monitored and certified manufacturing processes of the cladding panels guarantee maximum safety.