• Airtec Stone: Farringdon Station
  • Airtec Stone: Oxford University
  • Airtec Stone: Southside
  • Airtec Stone: Portsmouth International Port
  • Airtec Stone: Westfield, Stratford City
  • Airtec Stone: Olympic Village

Airtec Stone | Natural stone cladding

Airtec Stone cladding offers a wide range of options for the design of high-quality natural stone façades with a vast choice of stone types and panel sizes plus preformed panels and parts. Even large panels up to 4.7m² can be used on the system without any visible fixing elements. The panels consist of a 8-10mm top layer of natural stone on a lightweight concrete base no more than 19mm thick, ensuring the panels are up to 60 per cent lighter than solid stone slabs.

Airtec Stone - Cladding System Image

Airtec Stone system features

Ventilated rainscreen cladding system with natural stone-faced panels on a lightweight concrete carrier
The flexible substructure is weather and frost-resistant and compensates for any unevenness in the substrate
Concealed fixing to aluminium substructure
Types of stone: Limestone and sandstone, slate, granite (polished, ground). All other types of stone and finish available on request
Panel size up to 4.7m²
Reaction to fire
Flame-resistant, construction materials class B1
Impact resistance
Meets the CWCT technical note 76 and BS 8200 up to category B for impact

Preformed panels and parts

Because of the material properties of the composite panel it is possible to create three-dimensional preformed elements such as corners, angles or U-sections for a monolithic effect. This involves mitring the composite panels and securing them with an invisible joint, using adhesive and mechanical fixings. Cantilever panels up to 400mm in length can be attached to an anchoring panel.