• Airtec Glass: Oxford University
  • Airtec Glass: Mark & Spencer
  • Airtec Glass: Cartoon Frieze
  • Airtec Glass: Acton Gardens
  • Airtec Glass: Potsdam University
  • Airtec Glass: Munich Office Building

Airtec Glass | Glass cladding

Airtec Glass consists of toughened safety glass bonded to a lightweight concrete base. The robust composite panels, up to 32mm thick and up to 4.7m² in size, are hooked onto the frame with concealed clip-type fixings. The glass cladding can be used for striking effect as the panes of toughened safety glass are available in numerous attractive colours and can even carry customised printing.

Airtec Glass - Cladding System Image

Airtec Glass system features

Ventilated rainscreen cladding system with glass panels on a lightweight concrete carrier
The flexible substructure is weather-resistant and frost-resistant and compensates for any unevenness in the substrate
Concealed fixing to aluminium substructure
Enamelling or screen printing
Panel size up to 4.7m²
Reaction to fire
Fire-resistant, construction materials class B1
Impact resistance
Meets the CWCT technical note 76 and BS 8200 up to category B for impact