Project : Munich office building

 - MunichOfficeBuilding

Münchener Rückversicherungs-Gesellschaft AG bought Siemens-Nixdorf’s former computer centre in Berliner Strasse in Munich, a well preserved yet dated 1980’s building.

The planning team at Berlin architect’s Sauerbruch Hutton, won an architecture competition to redevelop the site. The key feature of the architects’ concept for the comprehensive refurbishment and extension of the offices focused on a completely new façade design.

This involved stripping back the external envelope including removing the building’s parapets and the front edges of the intermediate floors to allow a new façade to be installed.

The building’s appearance has been completely transformed by the new façade and its dynamic lines. The architects incorporated recesses in the glass envelope and used them to create the distinctive and elegant curve of the façade.

These dynamics are enhanced by the gradual upward projection of the building. Sun blinds have been installed in between the window panes to provide protection.

 - MunichOfficeBuilding

A vital factor in realising this ambitious design concept for the glass façade was the specification of Lithodecor’s Airtec Glass ventilated rainscreen cladding system by the architect. The Airtec Glass system is an extremely impact-resistant composite panel consisting of toughened safety glass (ESG) bonded to a special lightweight concrete carrier. The panels can be up to 4.7m² in size and are fixed in position using special concealed clips that allow each one to be accurately adjusted both horizontally and vertically.

The unusual feature of the colour scheme in the recesses of the façade gives a stunning and striking effect and a distinctive changing view depending on the angle from which it is observed. The architects have achieved this lip effect by using offset vertical pilaster strips: the same colour is applied to the left-hand side of these strips on one façade and to the right-hand side of the neighbouring façade.

 - MunichOfficeBuilding

The composite panels of the Airtec Glass ventilated rainscreen cladding system are fixed to the aluminium substructure with clips. Ceramic discs are attached to the base and have been specifically designed to transmit the load from the panel to the clips. The number of fixings used depends on the size and weight of the façade panels and structural components.

Whether transparent, tinted or enamelled, screen printed or plain, Lithodecor’s Airtec Glass ventilated rainscreen cladding system offers a wide range of design options.